Friday, February 26, 2016

Page 01

Writer and Creator : Nandhini JS
Publisher : MB Comics Studio
Illustrators : Magesh.R and Sainath.B
Assistant Writer : Gerald Rakesh

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The FIRST page!

This page was drawn and redrawn so many times that I lost count. When I started the project, I couldn't get experienced comics artists because they weren’t affordable in my budget. I didn’t want to outsource it to freelancers or part time artists who will be neck deep in their other busy commitments. I was about to lose it! Later, I got two young digital artists Magesh and Sainath on board. They were good illustrators but were unfamiliar with the american style comics art which is what I wanted for Sivappu Kal Mookuthi. The first 15 pages or so took 3 months and I still wasn't satisfied with the results. The sample images I posted online got harsh criticisms and demeaning remarks.

I couldn't let that continue. I just rolled up my sleeves, sat with the artists and showed them works of great comic artists from India and abroad. They started working harder. I also started learning to draw in the meantime. Three more months went by. I needed to be mentally strong and patient, especially since I have been paying these artists on full time basis for 6 months. Then the artworks began to look the way I wanted and I got back the confidence. 

- Nandhini.

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